Shock Mitigation

SHOCK MITIGATION SOLUTIONS Workshop - 25 October 2016 >

RIB & HIGH SPEED CRAFT Workshop - 26 October 2016 >

HYBRID MARINE POWER Workshop - 27 October 2016 >

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Shock Mitigation

Shock Mitigation delivers subject matter expertise to increase efficiency for professional maritime organisations operating fast boats. Knowledge is shaped by experience and understanding the factors that are driving the changes for employers and operators in the marine sector worldwide.

Aims & Objectives

The aim is to work with new and experienced clients to develop products, new technologies and processes relevant to the end user. The objective is to improve the overall approach to crew safety and the operational performance of boats and equipment for the professional sector.

Subject Matter Expertise

Shock Mitigation provides OEM boat builders and equipment manufacturers with relevant subject matter expertise plus an independent overview of how this sector is rapidly changing. The company offers specialist training, consultancy, market analysis and online resources that link manufacturers and international decision makers.

Understanding Operational Requirements

New or changing operational requirements, from emergency situations to reduced fuel budgets, can lead to smaller boats operating for longer periods. The company supports established organisations improving in-service boats and equipment, plus new organisations selecting viable next generation craft and technologies.

RIB and High Speed Craft Directory

The RIB and High Speed Craft Directory brings together specialist boats, equipment and new technology for maritime professionals. RIB & HSC eNews and eArticle give insight to significant issues for the fast boat sector. These unique and independent online resources benefit all levels of professional  marine organisations worldwide.

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